The Players

When in full force and the Craic is Mighty

we are a five piece Irish/American pub band.

Specializing in Drinking Songs and timeless ballads,

Racus Sing a Longs and jokes from days of yore.

(Yore Granddad Mostly!)

Then as the evening wears on it all decends into

Classic Rock, Bluegrass, and Honky Tonk,

As good pub night should.

Left to Right

Mark Clatterbuck  Bass, Vocals

Matt Clatterbuck  Guitar, Vocals

Ed Bell  Tenor Banjo, Lead Vocals

Matt Brislawn Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals

Dana Hass  Drums, Vocals

Ed Bell, Matt Brislawn and Matt Clatterbuck.

also appear as

The Whooligans Trio

Same great music, smaller footprint.



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